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5 Surefire Ways to Build Trust with Your Client

Do consultants need to build trust? Consultants solve problems. And as a consultant you probably do not have a tangible product to offer that delights your clients. You are likely selling a service that is invisible—but one that solves problems. And if you are doing your job as a consultant it...


6 Secrets to Launching a Successful Consulting Business

Have you ever heard something and thought, “That can’t be true!” Here’s a list of things you may have heard about consulting and thought they might not be true. We think they are NOT too good to be true and have become secrets to success because people don’t believe them! You can have clients...


Be Your Own Boss: You’re Closer Than You Think

Have you been dreaming about being your own boss? Do you want to engage in more meaningful work? Like to make a difference in the world? Would you like more control over your life? Well apparently you are not alone. A recent report by FreshBooks shows that 27 million employees are expected to...


Overcoming Your Fears of Starting a Consulting Business

Are you thinking about starting a consulting business? How long have you considered it? What’s stopping you? Consulting can be unpredictable. But if fear is stopping you from moving forward and preventing you from following your passion, you may be giving up the biggest reward of your...


5 Paths to Break into Consulting

If you decide consulting is right for you, what opportunities exist to get started? Think about your ultimate goal. Do you want to be a partner in one of the “Big Four”? Will you eventually own your own firm? Do you think you will always want to consult as a sole practitioner? Do you want to...


3 Mistakes You Can Avoid Before Launching Your Consulting Business

You’ve been a successful talent development professional for years. You achieve the highest evaluations. Internal clients clamor to work with you. Employees say they learn more from you than anyone. You’ve been employee of the year with regular promotions and raises for your skills. You’re good...